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I have some time swinging and regular parties, to visit, where everyone has a good time. A moment was when a friend of mine, is a meeting at his house is on earth. I waited for the day to get an excuse for a weekend to a golf course somewhere else xhamster and went to 30 or more miles to go to my friends house. The house is a pretty big place with 5 or 6 rooms and a large garden, etc, as it has done well in business. Anyway, arrived and xhamster was greeted by my friend Dave and entered the house where the party had already started and played the music and drinks were Dave xhamster 's wife, who offered in a maid outfit tight. People had already begun to experience the sexual part of the session, because after all that's what we're here for, and couples kiss and caress all over the world looking at him. I decided to chat to Dave 's wife Monica and she told me about a friend who was upstairs, the kids entertained at ths room. I decided I had to go and check it out, but mostly because I wanted to fuck Monica 's brains. We went upstairs and when we reached the top of the room told Monica that her friend was in and listen at the door and could hear the moans and groans of sexual pleasure. We opened the door and pushed it ajar and I could only see this xhamster woman naked, it was hard for a man from one end of the bed and another man before getting fucked and it was obvious that he had his cock firmly in his mouth. In the boys decided to exchange and took a man's head as I had the surprise of my life when the woman on the bed was my sister Julia. She looked at me and was surprised at first, but then smiled and took the other in the mouth and led, where she stayed with the first man. I must say that I was hard as hell and turned back to Monica and kissed her and began to fondle her breasts, which Esponda xhamster loosening my pants and relEasing my cock hard. We have stripped the other quickly, and turned it so I could push my cock into her and when I did was concentrate on my sister Julia is fucked. It was not long until I shot my load in Monica and pulled her to one of the guys who had shot Julia. My sister called me and forced me properly and once there, she grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth and cleaned all the cum out of it, which were in them after xhamster taking into Monica. I turned to Julia in front of me on the bed and slowly slid my penis into her, and she let out a moan xhamster and said. ' I'm Ben a long time waiting for this ' I started pushing in and out of it and began to speed up my shots, so that in a moment was pumping hard on her and her body was shaking and her breasts were jumping to the beat. I looked at Julia, and threw his head back and yelled ' Oh God' as she let out a loud moan and orgasm and I shot stream after streI cum in her pussy soaking wet now. I leaned over and kissed her tenderly and said simply ' thank you' to which she replied : 'You're welcome. ' We decided to meet again in the future and continue our sexual exploits, but not yet told the woman I 'm fucking your sister.
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